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BOTOX Cosmetic® (Botulinum toxin A) injections are used to diminish fine wrinkles between the eyebrows, as well as to lessen the appearance of crow's feet. BOTOX®, an FDA-approved agent, inhibits the function of the muscles that cause the wrinkles, causing a smoothing of the skin, and elimination of wrinkles in many patients. The injections are not permanent. They usually last about 3 to 4 months, although with repeated treatments, they can sometimes last for 6 months. BOTOX® treatments can be combined with other modalities such as chemical peels or laser resurfacing to improve results in the region between the eyebrows. For patients with fine wrinkles, results can be seen soon after injection.

Injectable Fillers

Cosmetic Surgery | BOTOX® | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)Full and vivacious lips have always been recognized as aesthetically important features. Some of us however, are born with thin, ill-defined lips. But the appearance of our lips is now within our control.

Fine lines and wrinkles, thin lips and a drooping corner of the mouth are all areas that can be aided with injectable fillers such as collagen. The market is ever changing, with new products appearing rapidly. Care is individualized to provide a safe and effective treatment option.

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